Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello World....Again


I'm back with a new blog. I thought of removing my old blog and starting over and here's why. When Apple released Swift last June, my initial reaction was a groan. I was just starting to get better at Objective-C and the last thing I wanted was to throw it all away and go back to square one with a whole new programming language. I debated with myself over and over whether to stick with Objective-C until Swift matures or just dive right in.

In the end, I caved and thought of giving Swift a try. And I was pleasantly surprised. The syntax is clean and concise. And there are some very cool features like generics, tuples and supercharged enums! My initial impressions about the language started to change and slowly I began to like coding in Swift. The transition wasn't difficult as I thought it would be.

Anyway now I'm developing iOS apps in Swift full time both at work and home. Even though the initial phase with Swift and Xcode 6 (although Xcode 6.1 still functions like a beta version) betas was a very bumpy ride, I enjoyed learning it and still am. A lot of resources are flowing in every day on Swift. Its exciting times.

Since I'm working with Swift completely now, I thought of starting a new blog. I will be posting tips/hints/workarounds and small tutorials on various software related stuff, not just iOS. The code will be in Swift only. Not that I hate Objective-C but because I think Swift will be the future of iOS development and it is an investment to start learning it starting right now.

Well that's it for this intro.

Happy coding!


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